Derrick Carpenter

What Do You Do at CG?

I am responsible for shepherding those God has entrusted to Common Ground and seeing that we stay on track regarding vision and direction. Primarily these roles are carried out through prayer, teaching the bible on Sundays, discipling leaders, and leading. 

What's Your Family Like?

We enjoy being active and spending time together. It is a joy to serve God together at Common Ground where our kids are learning to serve as part of the body of Christ. We believe it is important to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. Most of us are amazing dancers!

What Are Your Hobbies?

In the summer we love water. We spend time at local lakes swimming and boating. The kids enjoy sports which ends up consuming a good deal of time each year. Did I mention we love to dance?!

What Do You Get at Starbucks?

What every man gets - Black Coffee, but sometimes a mocha hits the spot when I find an extra $50.