God created all of us to take part in His work. Part of "Expanding the Kingdom of God in our lives and the world around us" is doing our best to make sure that everyone finds a place to serve. There are several teams within our church, as well as missions opportunities in the community that we'd love to help you jump into. 

Music/Media Team:
Includes audio, visual, instrumental and vocal.
For more info contact Paul.

CG Kids:
Short description...
For more info contact Shari.

Hospitality Team:
Include greeting at the door and baking our incredible treats.
For more info contact Caitie.

Prayer Team:
Attend prayer time on Sundays and follow up on shared prayer requests
For more info click HERE.

Hands On Team:
Helps to maintain the facility as well as other tasks related to special projects.
For more info contact Zac.

Let us help you find your place today!