We focus on living out what the Bible teaches about three key relationships in the life of a Jesus follower

UP - Jesus is the Essence of Transformation

This is our relationship with God through Jesus, where will live as a disciple completely submitted to our Father who loves us no matter what. We are adopted children of the King. The foundation for this relationship is the Word of God and we listen and obey. Everything that God will do through us is simply a result of what He is doing in us. It all begins with an intentional relationship with Jesus as Lord.

IN - Community is the Context for Transformation

Our relationship with fellow believers with whom we are united in one Spirit. We do not neglect the gathering together of believers and practicing the "one another's" of Scripture. This takes place at our weekend gathering where we celebrate together in worship and our Outpost Groups, where we live life and learn together. Authentic and vulnerable relationships with fellow believers committed to the Word of God are used by the Spirit to help transform each of us into the image of God.

OUT - Service is the Catalyst for Transformation

Our relationship with the world around us. This takes place in our everyday life where we live, work, and play. We desire to be salt and light to the world around us. This also takes place through our Outpost Groups. We are intentional to build relationships with not yet believers as we serve our communities in very real and practical ways. We intentionally limit our church programs so that we have more time to engage with our community. As we intentionally bless others in Jesus name and share the message of the kingdom we will be given opportunities to trust Jesus and grow in our faith. Through this we will continue to be transformed into the image of Jesus as we see God reconcile the world around us to Himself.